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Any Song. Any Guitar. Anywhere.


The Idea

Kuzma Self-Playing Guitar in Nature.jpg

Music is in everything. It inspires us. It relaxes us. It unites us.

We create devices that allow any guitar to play any song anywhere. 


The Kuzma Self-Playing Guitar system is an enhancement to an unmodified guitar. This mixture of artistry and engineering is a new medium of musical experience that is emotional, mobile, and available 24/7.


We can’t replace guitar players and we aren’t trying to do that. We are bringing the joy of live guitar to audiences where a guitar player can’t always be.


Let it add life to your living room, give you a reason to unwind, or be a source for inspiration.

Each Kuzma Self-Playing Guitar is a customized artist.

An artist that is constantly evolving.

An artist that is hand delivered and made to order.


Now accepting pre-orders. 

Be a Part of this story.     

Kuzma Self-Playing Guitar being Photographed

Featured Video

A First of its Kind Collaborationd'


This is the first time a human guitarist has ever performed with a Kuzma Self-Playing Guitar. No better artist for the task than Samurai Guitarist, a world renowned Guitarist and YouTuber with over 1.1 million subscribers.

Just another journey of the Kuzma Self-Playing Guitar becoming an artist.   

Robot Guitar Plays Mission Impossible Theme in a Helicopter
15 REAL Mermaids Perform UNDER THE SEA (The Little Mermaid) with a Self-Playing Guitar
Lord of the Rings Medley (Self-Playing Guitar COVER) - A Hobbit's Journey Across Middle Earth
The Last of Us (Self-Playing Guitar COVER) - Main Theme
Blackbird (Self-Playing Guitar COVER) - The Beatles
"Stand By Me" - Kuzma Self-Playing Guitars (Cover)
"A Thousand Years" - Played by Self-Playing Guitar
Down Under (Self-Playing Guitar COVER) - Men at Work | "A Tribute to Australia"





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