Any Song. Any Guitar. Anywhere.


The Idea

Music is in everything. It inspires us. It relaxes us. It unites us. Now it can enhance any environment at any time.

We create devices that allow any guitar to play any song anywhere. 


The Self-Playing Guitar system is an enhancement to an unmodified guitar. This is a new form of musical experience that is emotional, mobile, and available 24/7.


We can’t replace guitar players and we aren’t trying to do that. We are bringing the guitar to audiences where a guitar player can’t always be.  


Let it play while the band is on break, where guests are relaxing, or in a place that needs a reminder of something not present.

Kuzma Self-Playing Guitars is currently looking for partners to pioneer this innovative musical experience. More interactive and dynamic than radio, more affordable and mobile than a self-playing piano, the Self-Playing Guitar is always on call. Enhance any environment. Inspire any audience.


Now Booking Events

Do you have an event that could use some music in a form never experienced before?Kuzma Self-Playing Guitars is proud to be creating memories at weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, and more.


Reach out to us for booking information.   




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